January 2, 2014

End of Semester Routine

Thing that I hate the most being a lecturer/tutor of undergrads students is.....:

grading essay exams with unreadable works!!!

Arrrghhh!!! Want to kill sorry....want to kill them!!

*cemungudh kakaaaakkk*

January 1, 2014

New Year = New Resolutions

Well....Happy New Year!!

So... new year usually means new resolutions. But, guess what...I don't have any. I even too lazy to think about resolutions now. Ok, so I started this year lazily....but let's think about it as the time when I sharpen my knife before I start cutting :D We should see things more optimistic, right?!

Sharpening my knife activities turn out to be very boring. I spent the whole day watching series and facebooking and only spent a little time to actually did my to dos. Ok, let's change it to the more optimistic perspective.... I spent the first day of this year appreciating cinematic art and broaden my mind by reading articles and of course enhancing my relationship with friends through social media. Awww....very optimistic, right?!

Resolutions...let's start small. I want to change my biologically wake up time to 5 am. I usually wake up automatically at 5 am everyday. But it change in the last couple months. So...that's my first resolution for this year...and still thinking for another resolutions...