September 30, 2009


As a new player in business especially in EO thing, I try very hard to do everything as best as it can be. I also try to grab every opportunity comes to me.... and lately those opportunities come more often.

Many of my friends asked how it's gonna be if I become overwhelmed with all of those things I should do. They told me to only take few jobs. But how can I do that? Opportunity don't come that often and opportunity absolutely won't come for the second time. At least the condition would be different. So... the answer is... recruiting.

That's right my friend. Never say no to opportunity that come. At least try to gather information and negotiate first if you feel any doubt. Just say yes, and find ways to overcome your problem.

And now my problem is... who should I recruit? haha. By the way, if you are a hardworking person, eager to learn, want to learn new things, and don't think much about salary (hahaha..... relax... hopefully you'll get more from bonuses)... just drop me email and send your CV :).

O yeah... visit Éléchant EO & Management to know more about us.

See you there!!

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