May 7, 2011

Heaven and Hell

Remembering last night conversation with my friend, I couldn't help myself to explain what I think about this.
It started when we talked about pre marital sex. She said that she would not do it because she knows she would be burned in hell if she ever did that. And I asked... so how about heaven? What kind of place it is? And she answered “full of ‘bidadara-bidadara’ (I couldn’t find the appropriate term of this male ‘bidadari’ in English) that will satisfy you!”

First I think “ups!” then... “What?” why is heaven being identical with fulfilling your sexual need? And honestly I don’t know what kind of place heaven is but surely that kind of heaven is not the one I’m looking for. But...hey... who said I’m looking for heaven??!

So people... what I want the most when the ‘time’ come is my soul meet Him and together with Him forever. If the place that He belongs to is called heaven... then be it. If you call it hell... then be it. I don’t give a damn about the name. He can be wherever He wants and I just want to follow Him.

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