May 6, 2007


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This time I want to discuss about "infotainment"
Do you often watch infotainment? Do you like to watch it?
Yea... maybe you are one that does not have that kind of interest to watch infotainment. But have you ever watch it even just one time? I doubt you never watch it at all.
This "infotainment" thing we just talked about refers to some gossip shows in television that gossiping celebrities (off course!)
But I think that definition is too superficial. I prefer define infotainment for TV shows that give more benefit for me. For me... infotainments are TV shows that give you knowledge. Not just information, but something that you can learn a lot from it. The Oprah show, kick Andy, beautiful homes and great estates, jejak petualang, and jelajah are some of TV shows that I called the real infotainment. Most of them are metro tv's shows.
While I typing this blog, I am watching a metro's show, "The Presidents' Kids". It turns out to be so difficult for me to stay home in Sunday and study for my exam tomorrow while the TV offer a lot of good shows. There was Oprah show at 10 am this morning, then Kick Andy at 2 pm, The Presidents' Kids at 4 pm, and absolutely I will watch the Oprah prime time at 7 pm. Oh... I wish I don't have exam tomorrow. Yeah... the exams will be finished in a couple of days, but still I have a bunch of works to do every Saturday and Sunday. And exam is the only reason I can stay at home this day (for studying of course, not for watching TV).
I think metro tv is the only channel in Indonesia that really gives a lot of good infotainment shows. Cable TVs are another option. For me... having this kind of channel in our country give me a kind of happiness coz their programs improve our knowledge and hopefully we can do more for this country. But to bad, in general, the channel suitable most for the people that have high education. I really look for TV that can reach the people with middle and low educational background and improve their knowledge. Not just offer "sinetron" to them, but give educational program that suitable for them. I think I will offer this dream for my friends who work in TV station.
So guys, what's your opinion?

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