August 7, 2011

Falling in Love with Life

It is amazing when you realize that you are falling in love with life itself.

Today I cleaned up my bedroom. I found out that I keep many things. Some souvenirs from the past. I had to let go some of them to make empty room for other stuffs.

That was when I realize that memories of events and feelings are all that I have in life, because everything will be gone someday. Things will become trash…you will throw them, burn them… eventually. But feelings and memories will stay.

But then I realize that when I'm old, even memories will gone and I will forget and I will really have nothing. I have nothing…

In that un-possessing life, all I can do is surrender all unto Him, the mighty Lord creator of all things... He who possess all souls.

Then I realize that present time is really a present. All I have is present...a gift, to be embraced with love.

Falling in love with life is the most beautiful thing. Embracing every second that passing by. Thanking for every breathtaking. Grateful for every sight that eyes could see, every step that feet could make, every single letter that fingers could type.

Happy Sunday everyone! May today you see love surrounds you. May the warmth of the sun fill your hearth. May you falling in love with life.

NB: I've been blessed with wonderful adventure & joyful life with many loving faces along this 28 years, 8 months, 5 days, 2 hours, and 30 minutes of my life. Thanks Lord!


Febryo said...

Thanks Mbak Jukie you made my day!

fuzzydesi said...

Jukie... what a wonderful post!! Kangen deh!

Jukie said...

:D kangen juga ama kaliannnnn *peluk*
apa kabar?