August 27, 2012

Burger Bakar Ijo

Last Saturday, while me and my boyfriend were looking for something to eat, I was intrigued by a sign "Burger Bakar Ijo" at Jl. Ir. H. Juanda. Few days before, my friend told me that she heard about how delicious Burger Ijo is. Assuming it was the same burger, I stop and sit in Burger Bakar Ijo. Now, I think Burger Bakar Ijo and Burger Ijo are not the same.

Far from the level of deliciousness that I expected, this Burger Bakar Ijo was not that good. It was not bad, but I don't think I will come again there.

The bun taste like ordinary Bandung style 'roti bakar' and the meat wasn't burger at all. They put grated cheddar cheese in it that made us wondering, why don't they put cheddar slices instead.

So, after having not so delicious meal, I browse and found out that maybe there is another Burger Ijo, the one that my friend talked about. That Burger Ijo should be my next target ;)

PS: all opinions in this blog are subjective ;)


Rio Rahmansyah said...

Loh, jadi ga ada dagingnya? Terus ijo2 itu ga ada aroma apa gitu? Kok weird ya..

Marina a.k.a Jukie said...

ada dagingnya...tapi daging burger-burger-an yang udah diolah yg merk Kimbo gtu loh. Ga ada aroma apah-apah -___- dan karena margarin buat manggang rotinya banyak, jadi berasa roti bakar biasa